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Our Portfolio

Welcome to AppGeniuz! our diverse portfolio of cutting-edge solutions that showcase our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality software services. From scalable web applications to robust mobile solutions, each project in our portfolio reflects our dedication to precision, performance, and client satisfaction. At the heart of our showcase is a testament to the high standards we uphold and the broad spectrum of services we passionately offer.

Each project within our portfolio is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted to exemplify the depth of our expertise and the breadth of our capabilities. From cutting-edge technological solutions to timeless designs, our portfolio captures the essence of our dedication to delivering unparalleled quality.

We invite you to delve into our curated collection, a journey that unveils the multifaceted nature of our work. Whether you are exploring our ventures in technology, design, or any other field, you will discover the mark of distinction that sets us apart. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing creativity shines through in every project, showcasing not just what we do, but how we redefine industry standards.

The portfolio is a testament to our ceaseless pursuit of perfection, a visual narrative that encapsulates the spirit of our innovation. We encourage you to explore and engage with the stories behind each project, as they represent not just accomplishments, but milestones in our journey of creating impactful and transformative solutions.

Few Great work

Maruti Suzuki Smart Finance

An Automobile Application-Maruti Suzuki, collaborate with financial institutions to offer financing solutions for their customers. These financing options are often designed to make it easier for customers to purchase vehicles by providing loans with competitive interest rates and flexible terms.


It is used to connect and challenge your Facebook friends, individually or as groups, Create public challenges to show off your skills and challenge the World. Delivery of discounts, free stuff, competition entry automatically or on approval, via mobile, in exchange for behaviour, content or activity


Mathilda is a HRMS which beleives that technology can be used to hire in a way that treats candidates with respect and empathy. Help us be accountable to hire the best people, without wasting resources. To engage with our applicants and pave the way for a great experience, both sides


MYDATA is an application that provides unlimited speed 4G/3G packages for specialized applications / application groups according to customer needs. When registering the package and installing


MobifoneGo service allows users to choose high-speed unlimited 3G/4G data service packages for a single application/website or a group of accompanying applications/websites for daily, weekly, or monthly use.


Looking for free preschool kids learning app? Then try Little Buddy App for fun learning. Our app helps kids to recognize and speak numbers, alphabets and colors. Our App is suitable for Kindergarten ,toddlers and early learners.
Little Buddy App has following : Alphabets-learning of alphabets from A to Z with associated images. Numbers-learning of numbers from 0-10 . Colors- Colors from Red to White.

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Embark on a transformative journey with us, where innovation and dedication converge. Committed to excellence, we prioritize understanding your unique needs, tailoring solutions that align seamlessly with your goals. Our seasoned professionals, with diverse expertise, adeptly turn challenges into opportunities. Transparency and open communication define our approach, ensuring your vision not only materializes but flourishes. Rooted in adaptability, our methodology navigates dynamic project landscapes with agility. Join us in shaping a collaborative venture, where creativity, precision, and dedication converge to turn aspirations into achievements, marking the beginning of a project that stands as a testament to shared success.